Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lots of stuff!

Well. This week's been a doozy. I'm sorry I haven't posted, but it's just been so good I haven't had the time!

Monday was fantastic. We decided we needed some "us" time after all that happened, and so we stayed in the house. Made love, wonderful passion. She showed everything she had bottled up, obvious in it's intensity.

Then we watched the last X-Japan concert. She's a huge fan, and I think she might just make me one too. The songs are very good! What I saw, anyways. I was real sleepy and kept dozing in and out. Being close to her is so comfortable, and I hasd missed it so much...

Then we tussled in bed again, and we took a shower. We washed each other with all the tenderness we felt. Then she dressed up for a job interview, and I dropped her off at a friend's house, since it was a bunch of them going to the airport to look for a job.

I went to my job, where I spent an ok day. At lunch I saw her for a few minutes, and then back to work.

On tuesday we went to class, happy and together. I helped her with a videogame project she's doing for her videogame design class, then we left for our doctor, since we're both feeling not very good.

Doc gave us pills, and set us on our way. Having a medical excuse, I skipped work, and stayed with her. We went to Wal-Mart to leave the prescriptions, and went to Borders to read some while they were ready.

At all times we were happy and together, all wonderful smiles and hugs and closeness, an intimacy that no one could break. I told her that this time, since she's the one who's not sure if she's ready, she's the one who will ask me to be hers, and that she will get me flowers, too! She laughed, but I dunno if she'll do it.

We got the medicines, and went to her house. I suggested to both her and her mother an idea i'd had, to make a little excursion to the Mayaguez Zoo, with their family. They both seemed to like it, and her mother began to look up information on it.

After that we played a few classic games that I bought in the Wii. Because of the medicines, she fell asleep in the couch behind me. After a while, her mother started to make fun of her, and when she started snoring, we woke her up. I went home, and we both slept until the next day.

Today wednesday, we went to college, but we fell asleep in the car, and woke up one hour late. We didn't want to go in, so we went back to her house, and slept and cuddled until I had to go to work, where I am now.

It's all been great, but I'm still a bit scared. I've messed up once so far, when I bit her too hard in class. She did seem upset then, though it passed. Now I'm juggling things to be able to go with her and her friends to the beach, if she goes, on friday.

But she doesn't want me to go with her to Waiters, a pub near here, tonight, because a friend of hers who dislikes me is going, and she doesn't want any trouble. I don't understand why he dislikes me, he's never met me, and why is he more important to her than I am...

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